Let’s Get Acquainted

First of all, thank you for wandering over to my little corner of the blogging world, and welcome! I hope you enjoy your time in “Travel Therapy,” and I hope you come back for more!

You may be wondering, who is the person behind the page?

I’ll tell you!

I am a bubbly teacher by day, brooding over-thinker by night, and obsessive dog lover always. As a chronic night owl, I am my most creative and awake after 9pm when I want to paint, draw, wood-burn, read, write in this dandy blog, or diffuse my essential oils during some quality Netflix time. Before 9pm, I live off of dark roast coffee, (sometimes matcha), salty snacks galore, and the inspiration from the kiddos that I work with! Armed with degrees in psychology and sociology, a minuscule budget, adventures from 17 countries (and counting!) my loyal furry sidekick, and years of experimentation with staying sane through life’s challenges, I am here for you!


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